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Introduction to Invisalign

Invisible braces as an easy and comfortable alternative

Nobody likes having bad teeth. If you have a crooked smile as an adult, chances are you are already looking into what options you can get that aren't visible to the naked eye. Retainers are fine for minor problems, but for a lot of people retainers just don't do enough aggressive correcting to fix the problem in a timely manner. For children, braces are always an option, but they may not be the best option out there. Invisalign is the alternative for people who want to fix their teeth without having to announce it to the world.

The Invisalign process starts with a visit to the dentist. At first, not much is done, but they will examine your teeth and discuss your options with you. The dentist can give you an idea of what expectations are realistic and what time frame you are looking at. He will also answer your questions as to how the aligners are used, how much the whole process will cost, and how long you have to wait to get started with the correction process.

A plaster mold of your teeth is then cast and dispatched to the Invisalign lab. They analyze it and determine what changes need to be made to your teeth using 3D software. The plans are then sent to the dentist who analyzes them and approves the plan of action. Then, customized trays (known as aligners) are made using your teeth as a guide. These will be of a shape unique to you alone.

You will need to wear your plastic aligners for some time, around 6 months usually, swapping trays every 2 weeks. Each new aligner moves your teeth progressively towards their ultimate destination, a winning smile. The aligners stay in your mouth every moment of the day, and should only be taken out for two things: To eat something, and to brush your teeth (and floss, of course). Otherwise, they must always be in your mouth. This is not as tough as you might think!

As the name suggests, these aligners are invisible to anyone who doesn't already know they are there, so it won't be an issue during social situations. When eating out, simply take them out in the car or in the restroom if you don't want anyone to know you're wearing them.


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