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Trends in Orthodontics

How orthodontics for children and adults are becoming more fashionable

Much has changed in the world of children's orthodontics and adult orthodontics in the last few years. Years ago, kids sporting 'metal mouths' were ashamed to smile and endured constant ribbing at school. While headgear still has further to go, advancement in technologies and materials have changed the way many view their oral treatments.

Orthodontics for Children

Twenty years ago, dental professionals only had one choice when it came to these types of appliances - a system of standard rubber bands connecting stainless steel wires and brackets. Although many children still have to deal with these traditional braces, they are certainly becoming more fashion-conscious.

The elastic banss for children's orthodontics are now available in almost any color under the sun. Kids now have a say in their treatment and take full advantage of it. Some choose their favorite colors or tones to match the upcoming holidays while others get them to match their school colors or that of their favorite sports team. The brackets themselves have also changed, with new composite materials enabling a whole new range of colours. The shapes of the brackets include a wide array of shapes and subjects including stars, flowers, and sports themes. Kids today no longer try to hide their appliances - instead they are using them to make a unique statement about themselves.

Orthodontics for Adults

While older dental patients are not walking around with mouths full of red, white, and green Christmas trees on their teeth, the world of adult orthodontics is becoming more consumer-friendly too. The biggest changes is the fact that more and more adult patients are choosing to undergo this type of treatment. In fact, the American Dental Association says approximately 1.1 million Americans over the age of 20 are wearing braces. This is twice the number of 10 years ago. Although part of the reason is that those who could not get them as a child can now afford the procedure, many also like the idea that newer technologies make the appliances virtually invisible to the eye.

Some older patients are choosing colored ceramics, but more are opting for invisible options. Traditional styles are now featuring clear brackets or built-in elastics, making them less noticeable. Other techniques, one example being iBraces, connect onto the backs of the teeth rather than the fronts so that they are almost impossible to notice. The latest advance, Invisalign, uses a series of removable clear trays to move teeth into position.

With all of the changes that have taken place in the world of adult orthodontics and children's orthodontics, patients across the world are choosing to get the treatment they have been avoiding.


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